2020, That’s all folks!

2020 was quite a year! I’m happy to report we exceeded our goals and expectations, despite the setbacks all small business owners suffered.

The Numbers Are In:
130 New Listings
  34 Virtual & 3D Tours
More than 500 properties marketed

2020 Instagram Top 9 @GoldStarPhoto

With over 500 properties photographed and over 7 million views on my nature photography, I am proud of my progress and portfolio.

January 21st marks our 5th anniversary, another accomplishment worth celebrating!

Thank you to all the realtors, clients and friends I’ve worked with in the Myrtle Beach area over the past 5 years. I could have never created Gold Star or made my business such a success without each and everyone of you.

I am greatly looking forward to building the same group of close friends and real estate professionals here in the Raleigh-Durham area. Wishing everyone health, happiness and growth in 2021. Cheers!

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