Home Owners Photo Ready Guide

Simple ways to get the Best Photos of your home!

8 Seconds? That’s how long most buyers will look at your listing photos before forming an opinion. Over 90% of buyers use the internet to browse for a home. Better images attract more buyers and get more showings. It’s that simple!

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Take pride in your home and get top dollar for your investment by doing some simple preparations. Home staging is intended to highlight your home’s best features and make it appealing to buyers. When cleaning and staging your home, think as if you were a potential buyer.

Generally, it’s not necessary to go above and beyond with patching, painting, or carpet cleaning, unless you have been advised by your realtor or an inspector to do so. Following some of these simple guidelines can make all the difference when making a first impression to potential buyers online and during showings.

The Golden Rule: Keep it simple!

Simple is elegant. Elegant is attractive. Less is more.

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Buyers are typically looking for clean move-in ready homes. Clean and clear surfaces, countertops, mirrors, and other notable home features. Try to remove as much clutter and personal items as possible.

Great lighting is one of the key factors to getting great photos. Make sure all light bulbs in your fixtures and accessory lamps are working. Windows, shutters, curtains and blinds should also be in excellent condition and turned for the maximum of amount of natural light to enter the home.

If your home has any special features, such as a fireplace, pool, fountain, or special lighting, be ready to turn these items on to showcase them during photography.

Finishing touches such as fresh flowers, table settings, decorative soap, throw blankets, books & magazines, can go a long way for setting a cozy mood.

Please use this checklist to help get prepared for photography and showings.


Interiors Bedrooms


❑ Manicured landscape ❑ Check lightbulbs ❑ Turn on lights ❑ Clean all surfaces
❑ Remove trash/debris ❑ Clean countertops ❑ Turn off fans ❑ Shine mirrors
❑ Remove weeds ❑ Declutter surfaces ❑ Make bed ❑ Fresh linens
❑ Clear walkways ❑ Dust & vacuum ❑ Remove clutter ❑ Hide personal items
✰ Lush potted plants ✰ Fresh flowers ✰ Decorative throw ✰ Decorative soap
✰ Stage patio area ✰ Set table ✰ Book / lounge area ✰ Candles / flowers

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