Why & How we are Working During Covid

After careful consideration, we will remain open and available for hire during this pandemic.

Many photographers in my field did in fact stop working in occupied homes or altogether for their own personal reasons.

I felt it was my duty to help service homeowners and realtors that want or absolutely need to sell their properties.

Staying Safe

It is my policy to wear a mask and gloves at all properties from the moment I arrive until I leave.

Whether I touch a light switch or need to enter through a public space, such as an elevator, I consider this an essential safety measure for my clients and my health.

NAR Survey Finds Nearly 1 in 4 Home Sellers Changed How Their Home is Viewed on the Market Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

News Release – March 12, 2020 – National Association of Realtors®

Silver Linings

During this difficult time, realtors and homeowners can find comfort knowing that our virtual services will provide the highest level of marketing with the lowest level of contact and in-person showings.

By using a 3D virtual tour or video walkthrough on your listing, buyers can visually explore the property at their own pace, from their own home.

I am happy to report we have successfully helped many elderly and 2nd home owners sell their properties quickly, even during this pandemic.

“My house was on the market for 10 days, on the 10th day, I had 4 offers, and I actually sold my house for more money than we had it on the market for… 20,000 dollars more than asking price!”

I’m so happy we could help you Mrs Huggins. Receiving testimonials like this make it all worthwhile!

Click here to view Rita’s 3D virtual home tour.